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    can y’all just stop, if you don’t like reylo there is no need to say “disgusting” or something along those lines. It’s rude, inconsiderate and pretty disrespectful to everyone including the artist . If you don’t like it then move along! It’s that easy!

  2. Posted by marvelimagines, — Reply

    Honestly would have been ok with this ending. At least they both would be ok.

  3. Posted by martoss2008, — Reply

    Lol this is exactly what I pictured when she said “ditto by with Kylo on the throne”

  4. Posted by Violetwastaken, — Reply

    Reylo, I ship it!

  5. Posted by riotrousdell, — Reply

    But like poe and Finn right?

  6. Posted by supergirlrocks06, — Reply

    Reylo for life

  7. Posted by spartanmanch, — Reply

    Reylos disgust me. Rey should’ve got with Finn.

  8. Posted by dmendes180dm, — Reply

    This is still a weird ship

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